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Paddle the Quiet Side ®


Paddle the Quiet Side®


Where the Kawishiwi River joins Birch Lake in the Superior National Forest

Boundary Waters outfitters-Boundary Waters loonsEly Outfitters™

Boundary Waters canoe trips are good for your soul, easy on your budget, and a perfect workout. You won't even miss the gym.

Fresh air ...endless

Loon calls ...peaceful

The experience ...priceless!


It's about natural beauty™


Located on a secluded wilderness peninsula on beautiful Birch Lake and the South Kawishiwi River, just 4 hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and a short 10 minutes from the quaint town of Ely, the Paddle the Quiet Side® setting of River Point Outfitting Co. has the naturally beautiful and equally amazing million acre Boundary Waters wilderness at its doorstep for ease of Boundary Waters canoeing. Ely Outfitters™...your best choice for a Paddle the Quiet Side® experience.

Your Adventure Is Waiting…Paddle the Quiet Side®

The South Kawishiwi River, BWCA entry point #32, is the east border of River Point and allows for diverse canoe routes to explore for any number of days. Know that River Point Outfitting Co. also services all entry points into the Boundary Waters in the Ely/Isabella area.

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It's about serenity™

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: serenity

Serenity and peacefulness aptly describe the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness experience. Backpackers, birdwatchers, fishing enthusiasts, and photographers  can find tranquility in enjoying Boundary Waters canoeing with its lush, deep green forests and clean lakes and rivers.

River Point Outfitting Co., Ely Outfitters™, is one of the premier Boundary Waters outfitters, having the strategic distinction of being the only lake-based Boundary Waters outfitters with doorstep paddle access to and from eleven different entry points in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Ely, Minnesota. The conduit providing this incredible access to and from so many entry points is the scenic South Kawishiwi River right where River Point is located.

River Point Outfitting Co. is Ely Outfitters™

Your Boundary Waters Outfitters-River Point-Located on the scenic South Kawishiwi River
Preparing to portage around the rapids on the South Kawishiwi River on the "paddle back" to River Point.

The option to "paddle back" to River Point on the last day of your trip of your Boundary Waters Canoe Area on the scenic, yet wild, South Kawishiwi River is most serene and gratifying. Four short portages take you around the bubbling rapids and provide some great photo opportunities.

You can depend on River Point's years of wilderness experience and the incredible "Paddle the Quiet Side"® location at Ely Outfitters™

It's about exploring™and, It's about glacial cliffs™


Exploring and BWCA canoe trips go hand in hand. The Boundary Waters of Ely, Minnesota has the greatest number of entry points, which allows for incredible options for BWCA canoe trips. Hundreds of lakes dot the vastness of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, so many that some are yet to be named! The portages, winding paths connecting lakes and rivers to land, once used by the French trappers and Voyageurs remain virtually unchanged over centuries.

Native American pictographs in the BWCA

Before them the Native Americans lived in the Boundary Waters and left behind a legacy of incredible rock paintings, or pictographs, that were painted on the huge granite cliffs. What these peoples used for "paint" that has endured for centuries is a bit mysterious, and has yet to be determined. Those who paddle by are in awe of their creations.

Created during the last glacial period, the Boundary Waters is waiting for adventurous  exploration...that can best be done when paddling a canoe.

River Point Outfitting Co., your Boundary Waters outfitters, is committed to making your BWCA canoe trip the incredible adventure you hope for. 

The wilderness surrounding your Boundary Waters BWCA canoe trip abounds with animals, such as deer, black bear, moose, fox and birds, including the bald eagle, and wildflowers.

It's about wildlife™...

Pitcher plants, sundew plants, and wild iris grow in the Boundary Waters BWCA wilderness of Ely, Minnesota

Your Ely Outfitters™, River Point Outfitting Co., will be most happy to teach you about the abundant wildlife that live within the Boundary Waters Canoe Area BWCA, along with various species of birds, including the bald eagle, and a myriad of wildflowers, such as the unique pitcher plant, to observe and enjoy. You may witness deer, fox, black bear, even a moose, along with squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, beaver and more. Be camera-ready, be patient and just may be rewarded with a brief glimpse of nature's many wilderness creatures on your Boundary Waters canoeing adventure.

It's about Northern Lights™ and dancing stars™


The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, are a spectacular light show in the skies reserved for those who happen to be gazing skyward when least expecting it. A phenomenon that truly is something to observe, it is also not as readily seen as the millions of dancing stars that appear each night in the Boundary Waters. Your BWCA canoe trip will surely be enhanced with a life-long memory if you are fortunate enough to view the stunning beauty of the Northern Lights. 

Your Adventure Is Waiting™

Boundary Waters Outfitters for BWCA canoe trip expeditions, Boundary Waters fishing canoe trips, and incredible wilderness adventures.

Boundary Waters Outfitters- BWCA Outfitters in Ely, Minnesota

If a Boundary Waters canoeing trip adventure is what you desire, know that River Point Outfitting Co., Ely Outfitters™, is a full service Boundary Waters Outfitters with a tradition of excellence in equipment, canoes, and professional guest services since 1944.  

Give Ely, MN and River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely Outfitters™- a try. You'll love us!


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