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Partial Outfitting Order Form

Need Extra Equipment or Services to Augment What You Already Have?

Use this handy Partial Outfitting Order Form to request canoes, extra equipment, maps, trip routing, packsacks, sleeping bags, and more. Maybe you want lodging the night prior to your canoe trip “start date”. If so, a lakefront bunkhouse at River Point Outfitting Co. may be the right fit. Simply indiate your request on the form.

Or, perhaps you desire a more comfy lodging choice with added amenities, then a Villa may be perfect. Check it out. Just add your Chalet choice on the Reservation Contract Form.

Then, call River Point at 1-218-365-6604 to offer your credit card for deposit on your Order.


Partial Outfitting Equipment

First Name of Party *
Last Name of Party *
Address *
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Contact E-mail Address *
Home Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Cell Phone Number *
# of Persons in Party *
# of Calendar Days in Trip *
Date Trip Starts *
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Canoe Rental Includes Paddles, Yoke, Life Jacket, & Shower at return from canoe trip (provide own towel), and Parking for your vehicle
(Per Calendar Day)

Aluminum Canoes
QTY Item Daily Rate
17′ Ultra-light Alumacraft (64 lbs.) $30.00
18’5″ Ultra-light Alumacraft (71 lbs.) $35.00
Jump Seat $4.00
Kevlar Canoes
Solo Kayaks:
16’6″ Squall GTS (58 lbs.) $42.00
17′ Storm GT (62 lbs.) $42.00
Solo Kevlar Canoe:
16’6″ We-no-nah Prism Kevlar (36 lbs.) $42.00
Two-Seat Kevlar Canoes:
17′ We-no-nah Boundary Waters Kevlar (42 lbs.) $49.00
17′ Souris River Quetico Kevlar (44 lbs.) $49.00
17′ NorthStar Northwind Kevlar (42 lbs.) $49.00
Three-Seat Kevlar Canoes:
18’5″ Souris River Quetico Kevlar (49 lbs.) $52.00
Four-Seat Kevlar Canoes:
23′ We-no-nah MN IV Kevlar (62 lbs.)
(Best suited for 2 adults and 2 small children)
Canoe Accessories: Daily Rate
Paddle–Carlisle Bent or Straight Aluminum Ultra-Light
(included w/all canoe rentals)
$ 2.50
Life Jacket ( Stearns)
(included w/all canoe rentals)
$ 3.50
Car Top Carrier
(set of 4 foam pads)
$ 2.00
Anchor Bags
$ 2.50
Camping Equipment, Etc. Daily Rate
Canoe/Camp Chair (Crazy Creek)
$ 5.00
Tent (2 person Alps Dome)
Tent (3 person Alps Dome)
Tent (4 person Alps Dome)
Sleeping Bag (regular length w/Compression Stuff Sack. Freshly laundered)
$ 6.50
Sleeper Bag, longer length for 6’3″ & over w/Compression Stuff Sack. Freshly laundered.)
$ 6.50
Sleeping Pad (self-inflating, regular)
$ 6.50
Sleeping Pad (self-inflating, long)
$ 6.50
#3 Cordura Nylon Packsack w/padded shoulder straps
$ 6.00
#3.5 Cordura Nylon Packsack w/padded shoulder straps
$ 6.00
#4 Cordura Nylon Packsack w/padded shoulder straps
$ 6.00
Cordura Nylon Food Packsack w/padded shoulder straps; includes box and plastic liner
$ 6.50
Food Box and Plastic Liner (needed when renting the Food Packsack)
1-time charge: $ 6.50
Cook Kit & Utensils (stainless steel nesting pots, plates, cups, cooking & eating utensils; optional coffee pot)
$ 3.50 Per Person
Aluminum Griddle
$ 3.00
Aluminum Fry Pan
$ 2.00
Nylon Dining Fly, includes ropes
$ 5.00
Camp Saw (folding)
$ 4.00
Camp Axe (Estwing)
$ 3.00
Stove (1-burner MSR w/case, fuel extra)
$ 5.00
Portage Wheel (limited application)
$ 9.00
BWCA Outfitting Partial Packages Daily Rate
Equipment Only Package with Kevlar Canoe, per person, minimum 3-day rental
$ 70.00
Equipment Only Package with Aluminum Canoe, per person, minimum 3-day rental
$ 58.00
Food & Kevlar Canoe Package* per person, minimum 3-day rental*
Food & Kevlar Solo Canoe Package* per person, minimum 3-day rental*
Food & Aluminum Canoe Package* per person, minimum 3-day rental*
Additional Services & Items for Purchase Rate per service or item for purchase
Tent Camping at RPO per person. (Pitch own tent; per person)
Tent Camping at RPO w/tents provided; per person. Non-Profit groups only.
Bunkhouse per person; $84 minimum per Bunkhouse. Available prior to canoe trip only. After trip lodging, refer to Evergreen Chalet and Villas
Shower (per person, provide own towel)
$ 8.00
Trip Routing (per permit group) with dedicated, knowledgeable Trip Routers
Stove Fuel (per quart)
Food Box and Plastic Liner
$ 6.50
Waterproof Routing Map-Fisher
Waterproof Routing Map-Topo
Parking for your vehicle
Parking without canoe rental (per vehicle)
* Your Signature: (full, legal name)
* Today’s Date:

* Required

  • Food & Canoe Package: Two person minimum required when not part of a completely outfitted party. *Rates subject to change dependent upon food prices
  • Minimum $50 per person charge for partial outfitting service can be applied to equipment rental/food/services (showers, routing, parking)
  • Entry/exit point transport fees and applicable gas surcharge does not apply toward the minimum $50 per person charge required
  • Specific canoe choice (We-no-nah, Souris River, Boundary Waters, Northwind, etc.) subject to availability
  • Deposit: $50-$100/person dependent upon cost of outfitting requested
  • Rates subject to change
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