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Outfitting Preference & Packages

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Ultralight Complete Pkg. w/Aluminum Canoe(s):
Comfort Plus Complete Pkg. w/Kevlar Canoe(s):
Kevlar Canoe Option
Family Super Saver Package:
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Completely Outfitted Trips
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Bunkhouse ($21 per person; minimum $63/Bunkhouse)
Before Trip
After Trip
Tent Camping at River Point
($12 per person with own tents)
Non-Profit Youth Groups Only
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After Trip
Tent Camping at River Point
($22 per person with River Point tents provided)
Non-Profit Groups Only
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Note: It is not necessary for you to know where to go or what entry point to use.  Let us plan the trip for you and secure the travel permits.  Being flexible on dates, if possible is beneficial!
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*Van transport shuttle gas surcharge applies for all transports. Call or email for current rates for specific entry/exit points.

Experience & Skill Profile

Camping Canoeing Fishing
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Pacing of Your Trip

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Fast Paced

Completely Outfitted Groups

If you are a Completely Outfitted group, do you wish RPO to pack at no charge…
Estwing Axe
Cast Aluminum Griddle

Nonrefundable Deposits:

Complete Outfitting:   $150 per person.
No. of persons: Deposit: $
Partial Outfitting:   $50-$100 per person (verified by phone/email)
No. of persons: Deposit: $
U.S..F.S. Travel Permit Reservation Fee  (1 permit necessary for each group of up to 9 persons)
USFS Travel Permit: $6.00 per permit
U.S.F.S. User Fees:
Youth, age 1-17:
Golden Age/Access:
RPO charges a permit handling fee to secure the USFS permit and take care of all the associated paperwork related to your permit.  $8 for a complete trip; $11 for a partial trip.

Payment Information

Deposit Information

  • Deposit/prepayment on Complete and Partial Outfitting canoe trips are guaranteed and nonrefundable. Deposit may be paid with Visa, M/C, Discover, or American Express credit card. Your credit card will be debited upon receipt.
  • Credit card is required for payment of the necessary US Forest Service Travel Permit and User Fees.
  • Bunkhouse, Cabin, Chalet, or Villa Resort Lodging reservations are prepaid prior to arrival date with a credit card.
  • Contact River Point Outfitting Co. at 1.218-365-6604 to remit your Visa, M/C, Discover, or American Express credit card number.

Final Payment Information

Final balance of payment due upon Registration and payable with Cash or Bank Cashier’s Check.

  • If you wish to remit the final payment at Registration with a credit card, that is totally acceptable. However, a 4%  credit card surcharge will be absorbed by you.
  • Credit card payment is accepted for prepayment on “last minute” reservations made just a few days prior to arrival.
  • Personal or business check accepted for final payment only if received 20 days or more prior to arrival date.
  • Personal checks are not accepted at Registration.
  • Additional persons joining your party at the time of Registration will be charged accordingly.

Organized Non-Profit Youth Groups must remit final payment in advance of arrival with an Organizational Check. Canoe trips reserved as gifts require a prepayment with personal or business check.

  • A Guest Folio with “Confirmation of Reservation” and an itemized statement of charges will be emailed. Please note: You are financially responsible for what you have reserved.
  • Outfitting rates subject to 7.375% MN sales/county tax. Resort Lodging rates subject to 7.375% MN sales/county tax and local 4% tax. Resort Cabin, Villa, Chalet Lodging, and Bunkhouse rates subject to 6% resort fee.
  • Fishing Licenses, Bait, Van Transport Gas Surcharge, Permit, and USFS User Fees are not included in the outfitting rates.
  • There are no refunds for complete or partially outfitted trips for late arrivals, that end early, for canoes and equipment returned early, or for any unused food, transportation, or accommodations.
  • Guide Gratuities are generally 15-20% of the package rate and are greatly appreciated and discretionary. Other outfitting staff gratuities are encouraged.
  • Rates subject to change without notice.

Repacking Charge:
A repacking charge of $50 per permit will be incurred if your party size decreases from the original reservation and notification by mail, fax, or e-mail has not been received by RPO at least 21 days prior to your Arrival/Check-In date. If notification is received less than 5 days prior to your Arrival/Check-In date, the repacking fee is $100-$150 dependent upon package/equipment rented; staff time for packing, unpacking, repacking.

Repacking charge applies to all last-minute decrease in party size. NO EXCEPTIONS Repacking requires additional staff time to unpack all pack sacks, and then repack them once again–in most cases, new canoe assignments, if available, must also be made. Change in canoe assignment is subject to availability at the time of your change in plans.

Cancellation of Canoe Trip Reservation:
In the event of cancellation of reservation of the canoe trip, deposit fees and prepayments are nonrefundable.

Cancellations More Than 30 Days Prior to the Arrival Date

In the event of a Cancellation of the entire Canoe Trip Reservation, deposit and prepayment are not refunded. If written notice is received by RPO more than 30 days prior to the Arrival/Check-In date, the trip may be rescheduled for another date this season or next year. Money on account applicable to outfitting of the canoe trip (packages, equipment, canoes, food, transport fees, etc.) would be transferable to the new trip date for the same number of persons, length of trip, and package reserved that was in the cancelled reservation.

Cancellations Less Than 30 Days Prior to the Arrival Date

If a Cancellation of the entire Canoe Trip Reservation occurs less than 30 days prior to the Arrival/Check In date, or in the case of a “no-show” reservation, the permit party leader is financially responsible for the entire balance of payment due as indicated in the Confirmation. Leader will be expected to remit payment immediately with Visa, M/C, Discover, or Amex. A 4% credit card surcharge applies for this transaction. This guideline reflects the significant burden of last-minute cancellations or “no shows” on staff.


  • Deposit or prepayment of resort lodging (vacation homes, villas, chalets), bunkhouse, and tent camping lodging is nonrefundable and nontransferable to a new date
  • Permit handling fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable
  • USFS Travel Fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable

Deposits/prepayment from individuals who cancel out of the trip are nonrefundable and nontransferable to the rest of the Group.

Travel Insurance

River Point Outfitting Company is not liable for delays, cancellation or interruption of a trip caused by air carriers, taxi service or other ground transport, inclement weather, change of plans, medical reasons, disease, or other reasons.

Travel Insurance is recommended to provide you with peace of mind should circumstances arise which may cause you to interrupt, delay, or cancel your trip in advance of your arrival or when you are on vacation; for lost baggage, medical expense, and more offering you financial peace of mind. River Point does not sell travel insurance, but we can make suggestions. Travel Guard:, 1-800-826-1300   or    Access America:  1-800-284-8300.

We strongly advise arrival in Ely the day prior to the start of your canoe trip to allow for a more relaxed start to your canoe trip adventure.

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