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Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip

Enjoy a Wolf Howl guided group trip with family and children, one couple, two or three couples, or a group of friends. Pick the dates you desire for an amazing wilderness expedition to learn more about Minnesota’s timber wolves, maybe see one, and hopefully, hear them howl. And, along the way learn about other animals, plants, and birds of the Boundary Waters.

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ADVENTURE ON YOUR NEXT VACATION?   “(CBS) If you’re tired of dragging your kids to theme parks every summer vacation, maybe it’s time for a travel adventure.

The senior editor from Outside Magazine, visits The Early Show to talk about the wild vacation ideas in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters [with River Point Outfitting Co.] that are sure to excite everybody in your family…”

“Guided Boundary Waters canoe trips incorporate the adventure of paddling with swimming, hiking, fishing, sightseeing, wildlife viewing, photography, and just plain relaxing.”

“Hundreds of lakes dot this vast wilderness, so many that some are yet to be named. . .”



The Wolf Howl guided group canoe trip is designed to incorporate the adventure of paddling the Boundary Waters with the intrigue of learning more about the elusive timber wolf. This inclusive guided canoe trip package is a great choice for adults, as well as youth and older children. Later July and August are the best times to hear wolves, as the the wolf pups are just learning how to HOWL!

2022 DATES: July 17-July 20; July 24-July 27; July 31-August 3; August 7-August 10

DIFFICULTY: Beginner to Intermediate Level

AREA: Boundary Waters

LENGTH OF TRIP: 4 Days Paddling, 3 Nights Camping.   

RECREATION: Canoeing, Portaging, Wolf Howling, Sight-seeing, Photography, Birding

Trip Start Dates: Arrive at River Point on Saturday ( 7/16, 7/23, 7/30, 8/6, 2022) and begin the 4-day Wolf Howl guided canoe trip on Sunday.



(Rates are per person)

2 Persons 3 Persons 4 Persons 5 Persons 6 Persons 7 Persons 8 Persons
3  Days $905 $730 $640 $600 $555 $530 $510
4 Days $1,210 $975 $860 $790 $745 $710 $685
5 Days $1,515 $1,125 $1,075 $990 $930 $890 $855

Nonrefundable Deposit: $250/person

Rates are per person and subject to change. Minimum of 2 persons, and maximum of 8 persons for this Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip:

  • Showers before and after the canoe trip.
  • Maximum length of the Wolf Howl guided group trip is 4-days, 3 nights and includes complete outfitting with the Comfort Plus Package (Kevlar canoes, all equipment, and tasty food. You bring your personal clothing, hygiene products, water bottle, etc.)
  • Transport to and from the entry/exit point
  • Guide’s Expertise

US Permit, US User Fees, permit handling fee, tax, fishing license, bait & tackle–if you will fish, guide gratuity, small van transport gas surcharge, and Bunkhouse or Chalet Lodging the night prior to the canoe trip at River Point are additional.

Please Note:

  • Any discount, including the 5% Senior Discount, does not apply on guided trips
  • Pets are not allowed on guided canoe trips
  • A child, age 5 & under, when accompanied by a paying parent or legal guardian (minimum of 2 adults in the party) is not free on completely outfitted trips that have a guide. The “5 & under free” option applies to self-guided trips
  • Copy of each party member’s Covid vaccination record is required in advance of the trip

Most people enjoy staying a night or two in the high comfort of a Chalets before and after the Wolf Howl guided group trip.. With queen and full size beds, full kitchen, living room, and lovely custom ceramic tile bathrooms, plus sundeck and gas grill, the Chalets are a lovely place to unwind, and relax in the beauty of River Point Resort and all of the complimentary amenities.  

International Wolf Center

Enjoy the world famous International Wolf Center in Ely, Minnesota on the day of your arrival at River Point. No trip to the North Country and the Boundary Waters is complete without a tour of this important wolf educational center. The center has something of interest for all ages.

Since the Wolf Howl guided Boundary Waters group trip has a focus on wolves, why not view the Wolves & Humans exhibit, along with many other fine displays, illustrates the wolf in an incredible, detailed, accurate, manner. Enjoy viewing the real live wolves that make the center their home. They are all delightful to watch as they all mingle together at the center in surroundings that duplicate their natural environment.

The wolves show their youthful nature—playing with each other, stalking ravens, wrestling trees, and always, always learning. Depending upon the level of interest of the group, wolf howling is also an option for the evening’s entertainment!

Continue the Adventure

Your Wolf Howl guided group trip will continue the adventure, learning more about the great outdoor wilderness habitat of the wolf.

Your guide will navigate the group into parts of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area offering greatest opportunity to hear wolves. It is an awesome experience! Time will also be available for swimming, hiking, fishing, sightseeing, photography, and just plain enjoying the relaxing and beautiful world around you.

Know that while wolves in the wild are abundant, there is never a guarantee that they will “perform” their vocal melodies for your group. They may be silently watching your group and you will never know it. There will be many opportunities to enjoy some quiet fishing, view deer, loons, beaver, otter, bald eagles, and a multitude of other birds – so bring your camera!  

Contact River Point early for help in planning your Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip. Permits for the very best entry points into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness are on a first come, first serve basis, and are necessary.

Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip- River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip- River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip- River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip- River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip- River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip- River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN Wolf Howl Guided Group Trip- River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN
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