Reservation Information


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Reservation Deposits / Travel Permit & User Fees


Trip deposit may be made with Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex.

Personal/business check, or bank cashier’s check accepted as deposit only if received 30 days prior to arrival date. Payment for Permit and User Fees must be made with a credit card.

COMPLETE OUTFITTING: Deposit of $150 per person

PARTIAL OUTFITTING (Order Form): Deposit of $50-$100 per person (dependent upon cost of outfitting requested)


Permit Handling Fee:

River Point charges a $8 handling fee to secure the permit for you when selecting a completely outfitted trip; $11 for a partially outfitted trip.

U.S.F.S. Permit Fee

  • $6 per permit group
  • Group Leader (permit holders) and each Alternate Permit Holder are required to have a valid email address to be listed on the permit at the time of the reservation.

U.S.F.S. User Fees

Apply to all BWCA overnight visitors.

  • Adult: $16
  • Youth 0-17: $8
  • Interagency Senior Access Pass: $10



A quota system that allows only a specific number of people into the Boundary Waters each day at each entry point is in effect, and weekend permits are more popular.

Nine people are allowed per permit with a maximum of 4 canoes. Larger groups will need additional permits and must camp at more than one campsite.

To increase the chance of securing a permit, please be flexible by selecting more than one starting date and entry point. You need not know what entry point to choose. Just fill in the information on the reservation contract form indicating your experience and skill level.



Reservation Procedure

Your credit card will be debited upon receipt for payment of the USFS Travel Permit by Recreation.Gov. You will recieve an email verifcation letter and receipt from Recreation.Gov for the purchase of your permit.

Applicable River Point Outfitting Co. canoe trip deposit will also be debited.



A repacking charge of $50 will be incurred if your party size decreases from the original reservation and notification by mail, fax, or e-mail has not been received by RPO at least 21 days prior to date canoe trip starts. Please advise us well in advance of arrival if your party size increases.

Repacking charge applies to all last-minute decrease in party size. NO EXCEPTIONS Repacking requires additional staff time to unpack all packsacks, and then repack them once again–in most cases, new canoe assignments, if available, must also be made. Change in canoe assignment is subject to availability at the time of your change in plans.


Final Payment Information

Final balance of payment due upon registration and payable with Cash or Bank Cashier’s Check.

  • Final payment with credit card is acceptable However, RPO outfitting rates are structured using the two methods for final payment indicated, thereby retaining palatible rates due to not having to pass credit card company’s “convenience fees” onto our customers. if you wish to remit payment with your credit card, the 4.5% convenience fees will be absorbed by you.
  • Additional persons joining your party at the time of registration will be charged accordingly.
  • Organized Non-Profit Youth Groups must remit final payment in advance of arrival with an Organizational check. Canoe trips reserved as gifts require a prepayment with personal or business check.

A Reservation Confirmation with itemized invoice will be sent via US mail or email prior to arrival at RPO.

All rates subject to a 7.375 % MN sales tax. Lodging, including cabins, villas, chalets, and bunkhouses subject to 3% local tax and 6% resort fee.

Fishing licenses, USFS Permit and User Fees are not included in the outfitting rates.

GUIDE GRATUITIES are generally 15-20% of the package rate and are appreciated greatly. Other outfitting staff gratuities are discretionary and encouraged.

Rates are subject to change without notice.


Cancellation Information

In the event of cancellation of reservation, deposit fees and prepayments are nonrefundable.

However, if written notice is received by RPO at least 40 days prior to the arrival date of the trip, the trip may be rescheduled for another date this season or next year.

All money on account applicable to the canoe trip (equipment, canoes, food, transport fees, etc.) would be transferable to the new trip date for the same number of persons, length of trip, and package reserved as the cancelled reservation.


If a cancellation of a reservation…

  1. occurs 30 days, or less, prior to arrival date
  2. occurs in the case of a “no-show” reservation,
  3. occurs on the “start date” of the trip, or just prior;

the party leader is financially responsible for the entire balance of payment due as indicated in the Confirmation and Guest Folio.

Leader will be expected to remit payment immediately, or credit card will be debited for the final amount due of the reservation and the 4.5% “convenience fees” assessed by the card company will be transferred to the party leader.

In any of these three cases, River Point Outfitting Co. is under no obligation to refund deposit and/or prepayment of money on account.

EXCEPTION:  Deposit or prepayment of resort lodging (vacation homes, villas,  chalets, bunkhouses, tent camping) are nonrefundable and nontransferable to a new trip date. Furthermore, if full prepayment of the lodging portion of the trip was not secured in advance, any money on account from the canoe trip portion of the combination trip, which is being cancelled, will be applied to the balance due on the lodging portion of the trip.

USFS permit handling fees and resulting cancellation fees of a permit(s), for services rendered by River Point Outfitting Co. to secure and cancel a permit(s) will be deducted from the canoe trip (package, canoes, food, etc.) deposit on account, unless prepaid.

Deposits/prepayments from individuals within a Group who cancel out of the trip are nonrefundable and are not applicable to the rest of the Group.


Early Returns

There are no refunds from River Point Outfitting Company for complete or partially outfitted trips that end early, for canoes and/or equipment returned early, or for any unused food, transportation, or accommodations that were reserved.

U.S.F.S. Travel Permit Fee of $10 is neither refundable nor applicable to a future trip. USFS User fees are refundable, dependent upon USFS policy.

A Gasoline Surcharge applies dependent upon gas prices and distance of an entry/exit point from River Point Outfitting Co. This would apply specifically to the Entry/Exit Point Transport service for complete and partially outfitted groups. Request more information.


Disclaimers and Travel Insurance

River Point Resort, Inc. & Outfitting Co., Inc. assumes no responsibility for accidents, wrongful death caused by negligence or any other cause, personal injuries of any kind, property damage or loss of vehicles or watercraft, nor is RPO responsible for loss or damage to personal valuables.

River Point Resort, Incl & Outfitting Co. owners, management and staff make every reasonable effort to serve guests safely, but assume no responsibility or liability for any hazard associated with these trips or for the choices and/or decisions made regarding the route or any facet of the canoe trip your group makes either prior to the start of the trip or during it. Party Leader and group are responsible for themselves and the decisions made during the trip, and for any loss or damage to equipment and canoes, without exception, including damage or loss due to an “act of Mother Nature.”

River Point Resort, Inc. & Outfitting Company is not liable for delays, cancellation, or interruption of a trip caused by air carriers, taxi service, inclement weather, change of plans for whatever the reason, lost or delayed baggage, medical reasons, or other reasons.


Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance is available, and may protect you against circumstances that may cause you to interrupt, delay, or cancel your trip. River Point Outfitting Co. does not sell travel insurance, is not affliated with any company, nor does it receive compensation of any kind. However, we do recommend travel insurance companies for you to evaluate. Two companies are:

  1.  Travel Guard, Stevens Point, WI, 1-800-826-1300;
  2.  Access America, Richmond, VA, 1-800-284-8300

We strongly advise arrival in Ely the day prior to the start of your canoe trip.


We at River Point know how very important your vacation is to you, and the amount of time, effort, and money you invest in it. We hope this very detailed information will indicate how dedicated we are to truly being…your vacation specialists!

Steve, Jane, & James Koschak

A Tradition of Outfitting Excellence™

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