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Boundary Waters Fishing

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Memorable fishing adventures. No trip to Northern Minnesota and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area is complete without considering BWCA fishing as a focus of your trip. River Point Outfitting Company, your Boundary Waters outfitter, offers a number of choices for Boundary Waters fishing trips. This makes for a superb wilderness fishing trip. One that you will remember for years to come.

Some say the Boundary Waters provides some of the world’s best fishing lakes and rivers, many waiting to be discovered, making a Boundary Waters fishing trip a true adventure. There are unparalleled fishing opportunities found here for your BWCA fishing trip. Fish the Wild Side



Spring offers the newly budded trees set against a backdrop of deep green pine and streams and rivers swelled by the freshly melted snows filled with hungry fish. These waters are literally teaming with golden walleye and feisty small mouth bass. You will also find huge northern pike, lake trout, and plate-sized crappies making for some outstanding Boundary Waters fishing.

Historically, the best fishing month Up North is June. Some of the world’s best fresh water fishing lies in the famous Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. You will enjoy the most gorgeous scenery in Minnesota at the same time. The cool, clean waters are teeming with trophy size fish, as well as the “perfect-size eaters.” Truly, Boundary Waters fishing is an angler’s (or a fly-fisher-person’s) paradise. Let’s go on a BWCA fishing trip.


Summer and fall Boundary Waters fishing trips can be equally fish-abundant offering excellent fishing opportunities throughout canoeing season. Fresh fish sizzling in the fry pan is great no matter what the season. Sometimes the greatest catch comes in the summer or fall. If a Boundary Waters fishing trip is your wish let River Point put you on the best lakes and rivers for the highest success rate for Boundary Waters fishing.

Check out the fine completely outfitted packages below for your Boundary Waters fishing trips:



Boundary Waters Fishing.  It’s hard to put into words the thrill of landing a mouth-watering walleye, enduring a challenging fight with a northern pike, matching wits with a scrappy small mouth bass, or netting a huge lake trout. If you are an avid angler the possibility of enjoying these and other species, such as crappies, bluegills, stream trout, and large mouth bass await you on your fabulous Boundary Waters fishing trip.

Nothing can describe the aroma and taste of fresh fish sizzling in the frying pan. And some of the very best lakes for catching them are those set aside just for canoe travel. So if you are into fishing, the Boundary Waters BWCA may be just the place for you.

Catch and Release…Or, Eat 


The idea of a base camp fishing trip retreat is a great way to get away from the beaten track. So you will “Paddle the Quiet Side®”, and tackle some great North Country fishing. A fishing base camp is for the more serious fisher person.  And, for those wishing to set up camp one to two time and spend the remainder of the time on day fishing trips.

If your entry point is EP#32, South Kawishiwi River, you may choose to paddle right into the BWCAW via the river  from River Point’s headquarters. Or, a River Point van will transport you directly to EP#32, or any another entry point that was selected as the starting point for your fishing trip.  Either way in a matter of just a few hours you will be wetting your line with anticipation for that first mouth-watering meal of fresh fish. River Point services all Ely area entry points and knows them very well.

Once your Boundary Waters fishing camp is established daily excursions from it to other areas of the lake or to different lakes may be an option. The base camp plan works well for the serious fisher person as well as others who wish to “stay in one or two spots” while enjoying other outdoor activities such as wildlife viewing, photography, or just plain relaxing!

Let the expert Trip Routing and Orientation staff help plan your base camp Boundary Waters fishing experience when you arrive at River Point.

MN DNR Fishing Information



A Boundary Waters fishing trip involves many details from filleting the fish, to cooking delicious meals, to paddling and portaging to get to that special spot to drop your line. 

Experience remote BWCA fishing? How do you get to the exact right lake, and that perfect fishing hole?

Answer:  Your River Point Outfitting Co. Trip Router

River Point Outfitting Co.’s team of knowledgeable and experienced Trip Routers know the wilderness and know how to fish and will meet with you prior to the start of your canoe trip for a Trip Routing & Orientation Session. This special service is included when selecting a completely outfitted package such as the very popular Comfort Plus Complete Package. This popular package comes with the most lightweight kevlar canoes on the market and other creature comforts making paddling and camping so much better. But, the Ultralight Complete Package with aluminum canoe(s) also includes a thorough Trip Routing and Orientation Session.

Your Trip Router will share knowledge of different rods, angling and fly-fishing techniques, presentations, and much more. Because of this be prepared for exciting fishing in the Boundary Waters and a superb amount of old-fashioned FUN. Catch and Release is practiced but plan on delicious fish fries back at the campsite, too. So, if you have never gone on a BWCA fishing trip before, or even if you have, the fishing advice offered by River Point’s Trip Routers is invaluable. And, they will help with all the preplanning when you are at our headquarters and help you to enjoy your experience both the tough parts and the easy parts!

Expert Trip Routers

River Point’s expert trip routers provide personalized service to all skill and interest levels tailoring a fishing trip to meet your needs. And, each one is part outfitter, part historian, part naturalist, and definitely a fisher person. Plus, each Trip Router has a genuine love for canoe camping and the great outdoors. Because of their skill set they will teach you the “ways of the wilderness” during your personalized Trip Routing & Orientation Session at River Point Outfitting Co. Spending the necessary time to go over everything related to your entry point and options of routes from that entry point is what will occur. So, you will learn where the campsites are on the map, which are the best campsites to catch the breezes and the views. And which ones will be close to where the fishing spots are. 

So, they will look over your tackle boxes and make sound suggestions of what to retain, what to leave behind, and what proven BWCA fishing tackle would be best to add to your tackle box. You can choose from the selection of great tackle in the onsite Bait & Tackle Shop at River Point. 

Make sure you have purchased your MN Fishing License so you are ready to get out there and catch some fish!

And, to better prepare for your Boundary Waters Fishing Trips make certain that you also secure:

Lodging the night prior to the trip

  1. Bunkhouses at $21 per person (minimum $63 applies/night)
  2. For higher comfort, select a lovely and spacious Chalet

And, if you chose a Partially Outfitted Package you may also add on a Trip Routing and Orientation Session. Check out the cost of this valuable service on the Partial Outfitting Order Form.

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