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River Point Resort & Outfitting Co.
Ely, Minnesota

A Premier Boundary Waters (BWCA) Canoe Trip Outfitter

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Historical Wildlife Viewing Information from December 13, 2008  9:38 AM. One of our most amazing viewings and too significant to delete.

A large pack of eight wolves were witnessed walking from the east shoreline of the peninsula that River Point is situated on, past “The Point” cabin, the Office/Owners Residence, and the “Log Cabin”. Walking across the frozen, snow-covered ice approximately 20 yards away from the shoreline, they moved toward the west arm of the South Kawishiwi River. One wolf was further out on the ice, appearing almost as a sentinel for the rest of the pack. All eight appeared to be very healthy, gray in color, and quite similar in size. One of the wolves had clumps of fur standing straight up, otherwise, no distinctive differences from one wolf to another. Two wolves stopped as they moved in front of the Log Cabin, and appeared to engage in a somewhat playful activity with each other.

There had been recent deer activity in front yard of River Point Resort the previous day. Weather conditions were hazy with wind coming out of the NE at 3 MPH. 14 degrees F. On the webcam image the wolf pack first appeared on the left-hand side by the large evergreen tree and proceeded across. INCREDIBLE SIGHT!

Your Adventure Is Waiting™        Paddle the Quiet Side®

Webcam…you’re experiencing a “close encounter” with the awesome peacefulness of a typical day “Up North” at River Point Resort & Outfitting Co.—-A Minnesota vacation at its finest!

The image above is looking south from River Point’s magnificent, secluded wilderness location on beautiful, undeveloped Birch Lake, the South Kawishiwi River (BWCA entry point #32), and continuing east into the famous Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness of northern Minnesota. Extending from the shores of the Naturally Superior ™, private peninsula of River Point you can paddle directly into the famous and iconic Boundary Waters and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Webcam-BWCA Canoe Trip Outfitter-River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN Webcam-BWCA Canoe Trip Outfitter-River Point Outfitting Co.-Ely MN
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